Win yourself FOUR Norse Gods Genesis NFTs in our no-loss lottery giveaway

Last week, we dropped 5,000 Norse Gods Genesis NFTs ahead of the One Million CBC NFT Poker Series later this month.

At the series, holders of the NFTs will compete in high stakes hands of poker action, with more than $50,000 of cryptocurrency going to the winners.

You’ll need at least two Norse Gods Genesis NFT playing cards to take part, and now we are giving the community the chance to win two full hands.

Stake CBC, win NFTs

We will drop a total of 100 Norse Gods Genesis NFTs to the top 25 staking wallets in the no-loss lottery we run weekly at PoolTogether. Get involved before this Friday for a chance to win.

The lottery works like this: every CBC you stake in the lottery earns you a virtual ticket to the lottery draw. This week, we’re giving away 15,000 CBC in total — that’s about $750!

There are eight individual prizes — so even staking a small amount of CBC gives you a great chance of winning.

And best of all, the CBC remains yours. You can withdraw it whenever you want (although if you do, you won’t be eligible for future draws).

The lottery is a great way of getting your CBC to work for you; more than 500,000 CBC ($25,000) has already been staked!

How do I win more Norse Gods Genesis NFTs?

The 25 wallets which are staking the most CBC in the no-loss lottery at 15:00 UTC on Friday, July 9 will each win FOUR Norse Gods Genesis NFTs. The NFTs will be dropped into these 25 wallets the following week.

The easiest way to track whether you are in the top 25 stakers in the lottery is here:

The CBCP token represents your virtual no-loss lottery ticket — you receive one for every one CBC you stake in the lottery.

How do I get involved?

Our no-loss lottery takes part on the Binance Smart Chain.

You can stake CBC on Binance Smart Chain here for your chance to win:

If you don’t have an CBC on Binance Smart Chain yet, you can buy it on PancakeSwap here:

If you hold CBC on Ethereum, you can bridge it to Binance Smart Chain via AnySwap:

And here’s the CBC on Binance Smart Chain contract:

Remember, four Norse Gods Genesis NFT playing cards will give you a better chance to win big at the One Million CBC NFT Poker Series later this month.

Are you ready to compete for $50,000 of cryptocurrency?




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Next-gen GameFi and NFT platform built for the Metaverse

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