Norse Gods Genesis NFTs to drop on July 2
2 min readJun 25, 2021

We are delighted to announce that the next drop of Norse Gods Genesis NFTs will take place on July 2.

Since launching our Norse Gods Genesis drop campaign on Tuesday, thousands of people around the world have registered their claim for two of the playing card NFTs.

The first 2,500 people who fulfilled the criteria will receive their cards on July 2 at the Binance Smart Chain address they provided. From that date, those who received the NFTs will be able to check which cards they received by connecting their wallet at

Because of the overwhelming demand for our playing card NFTs, we are currently exploring ways to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate. You can continue to register your interest by clicking the ‘Claim my NFTs’ button at the top of

Only 10,000 Norse Gods Genesis cards will ever be minted. Stay tuned at and our Telegram group ( for details on how to get your hands on some of the remaining 4,000 which will drop after July 2.

The cards can be used to win big prizes during the One Million CBC NFT Poker Series, which we can now confirm will begin on July 18. Holders of Norse Gods NFT playing cards will have the opportunity to compete for more than $50,000 in cryptocurrency.

In the meantime, keep posted on our social channels for previews of the cards, the poker series and more.

We look forward to dealing you in.



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