June 30 update: Registration period closing very soon!

We’ve had such a fantastic response to our Norse Gods Genesis NFT playing card airdrop that we’ll be closing the registration period tomorrow (July 1).

The first 2,500 who registered and legitimately fulfilled the qualifying criteria will receive their NFT playing cards this Friday (July 2).

As originally stated, only 10,000 Norse Gods Genesis NFT playing cards will ever be minted.

But we have a special surprise for those who didn’t quite make the cut — stay tuned in the next few days to find out what that is!

Are you ready for the One Million CBC NFT Poker Series?

From Friday, those who have received two Norse Gods Genesis NFT playing cards will be able to check their cards at FullHouse.io and begin preparing for the One Million CBC NFT Poker Series.

We wanted to give our community a little sneak peek of the beautifully crafted playing cards, so here’s a glimpse of the Ace of Spades.

The card evokes Gungnir, the spear of the Norse god of war, Odin. The spear is said to be so well balanced that it never misses its target, regardless of the skill of the wielder. Norse mythology prophesizes that this is the spear that Odin will use during the great battle of Ragnarok, the end of the world.

If you are lucky enough to land one on Friday, it should also serve you well at the poker table.

Whether you’ve landed an ace or a deuce, don’t worry: you’ll still have a chance to win big prizes when the series begins on July 18.

We’ll be announcing the full poker series schedule soon!

CBC.network powers Full House NFT Poker

Full House NFT Poker is powered by CBC.network (CBC).

CBC.network is gamifying DeFi and NFTs to create the future of blockchain entertainment. You might win big CBC prizes during our poker series, so find out more about the coin at www.cbc.network.