Full House NFT doubles the action with new schedule

You asked, and we responded!

Following user feedback, Full House NFT is doubling the action with a new schedule which sees four daily hands and special weekend ‘super’ hands where you can grab even bigger prizes.

The new global schedule includes a Full House game every six hours, with a 1,250 CBC (about $75) prize pool for each.

It also includes two special hands — a Super Saturday and Super Sunday game — with a 2,500 CBC (about $150) prize pool.

Standard games take place Monday to Sunday of this week at the following times:

0200 UTC

0800 UTC

1400 UTC

2000 UTC

The Super Saturday Games, and the Super Sunday Game take place at 1400 UTC on each day.

You can pre-register for games by visiting: https://app.fullhouse.io/games-list

The increase in action is the latest step in the development of Full House NFT, as its ecosystem and community continue to grow.

Hundreds of players have already competed in high drama card games, which take place on the Binance Smart Chain. Tens of thousands of CBC has been awarded to lucky winners.

Meanwhile, trading of the much sought after Norse Gods Genesis NFT playing cards — which are required to participate in the games — is picking up pace.

Those who hold the NFTs are quickly learning that, with a little luck, they can quickly return prizes significantly higher than the cost of the NFT itself.




Next-gen GameFi and NFT platform built for the Metaverse

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Next-gen GameFi and NFT platform built for the Metaverse

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