CBC.network launches new PoolTogether no-loss lottery

CBC.network has launched a new pool on the popular no-loss lottery platform, PoolTogether.

PoolTogether’s no-loss lotteries provide a chance for CBC holders to stake their coins for the chance to win additional CBC based on a random draw, without having to risk their original holdings.

More than one million CBC was staked across previous ERC-20 and BSC pools, and those who have taken part in the past are urged to transfer their tokens to the new Binance Smart Chain pool for a chance to win.

Our previous Binance Smart Chain pool was only supported within PoolTogether’s testing environment, but the new pool is now fully supported and open to members of the PoolTogether community.

It can be accessed directly from: https://community.pooltogether.com/pools/bsc/0x4be37a427d7d19b22b9f8ce0a2aa653de8be4096

The first prize from the new pool will drop in 14 days time, with 5,000 CBC split between 15 winners, meaning even a small CBC deposit into the pool gives users a great chance of winning.

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