CBC is excited to launch an Ambassador Program for our community members

An Introduction CBC.Network

CBC.Network aims to be the home of next-generation blockchain gaming, combining some of the most exciting trends in crypto into exhilarating concepts. Our platform is growing rapidly and with the backing of Greentube Novomatic, you can be assured there is much more to come. We are very excited for what is to come and need to ensure everyone hears about our goals, vision and mission.

That is why with great pleasure we are announcing the beginning of the CBC.network ambassadors program! To bring awareness to the incredible platform being developed by CBC.Network.

CBC.network Ambassadors will be the high-quality force of ambassadors that will promote the mission and vision of CBC with the world.

As a CBC.network ambassador, you are the face of CBC.network to our fans and followers.

What are the duties of a CBC.network Ambassador?

As a CBC.network Ambassador, your primary responsibilities would be to:

  1. Be active in telegram groups and other social media channels.
  2. Provide local insights and feedback for our products, and help us improve our offerings for the regional community.
  3. Act as an advocate for CBC.network and educate new community members on our Telegram and social media about our vision and activities.
  4. Create Videos and educational content for YouTube and blog sites.
  5. Create GIFs, Memes and Stickers about CBC, and share them across social media and Telegram.
  6. Community Representatives that can build local language communities and share partnership news and latest announcements in your respective communities.
  7. Translate existing content to your native languages and promote them in local communities and social media platforms.

This list is not restrictive. We welcome all creative and unique ideas to bring awareness and promote CBC.network!

We are looking for:

  • Social media experts
  • Translators
  • Graphic designers
  • Video editors
  • Content writers
  • Technical advocates
  • Foreign community representatives

What’s in it for you?

  • Title of Official CBC.network Ambassador
  • Exclusive access to team events
  • Access to executive CBC.network team
  • Sneak peak at news for feedback
  • Rewards in the form of CBC tokens
  • Monthly calls with core members
  • Access to the official CBC.network Ambassador group
  • Official CBC.network Ambassador NFT

But there is a lot more

As a CBC.network Ambassador, you would be part of regular meetings with the core CBC.network team. You would be the first to know about recent developments and roadmap updates of CBC.network. You’ll also play a pivotal role in deciding the direction in which CBC.network will progress, as we would like to know your suggestions about how we can grow quickly and efficiently.

With many new partnerships, listings, utility and developments lined up this year, CBC.network Ambassadors will find ample opportunities to contribute significantly and win rewards.

We welcome community members from all around the world to join the CBC.network Ambassador program and play a role in making CBC.network an international success.

The first round of applications are open from June 1st, 2021 to June 15th, 2021.





Next-gen GameFi and NFT platform built for the Metaverse

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Next-gen GameFi and NFT platform built for the Metaverse

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