Baboon Brigade — Ready for War
4 min readDec 23, 2021


Baboons! Are you ready to go to war?…

Back in October, we opened our whitelist ahead of the private sale of the Baboon Brigade NFT collection. The response has been absolutely fantastic, and first of all, we’d like to thank all of those who’ve joined us on this incredible journey.

Thank you, Baboon Brigade!

The 777 Baboons that were sold at 0.05 ETH during our private and pre-sales have all sold out. But there’s still the opportunity to join the Brigade and grab some Baboons yourself.

With the launch of our “war-to-earn” game (where you’ll need at least two Baboons to play) arriving very soon, you can still mint yourself Baboons over at

You might win a special, super-rare 1/1 joker!

Important to remember; we’re just getting started!

Behind the scenes, the team is working hard to deliver value to holders of both CBC and Baboons.

Here’s what’s coming very soon.

The Play-to-Earn Game

Our CBC x Baboon Brigade team is all about utility and providing value to the community. That’s why your NFTs will allow you to enter multiplayer, free-to-play tournaments, that will make you more $CBC tokens (and Baboons)! Later down the line, accessories drops will be added.

The game itself will enable users to compete in engaging ways in a futuristic, jungle-themed metaverse. Just a few weeks from now, you can start earning $CBC using your Baboon NFTs in a poker-themed game.

Our ‘War-and-Earn’ Baboon Bridgade game is scheduled to release January 2022!

The higher-ranked your Baboons, the more chances you have to win BIG!

Are you ready to play?

Players in our NFT game have earned thousands of dollars of cryptocurrency playing our games. Grab your Baboons today for the chance to join them.

Speaking of $CBC…


In January, we’re launching $CBC staking!

This will let you stake $CBC tokens to play and earn crypto, NFTs, and other great rewards! Let’s put those tokens to good use!

Don’t own $CBC tokens yet? Check Coingecko to see where you can buy some!

Remember, $CBC is the cryptocurrency powering Baboon Brigade and other upcoming projects.

Before we conclude this recap, we’d like to answer some of the frequently asked questions.


  • What’s the best social media channel to follow?
    We recommend following all our socials to stay fully up-to-date on everything. However, if we had to choose one, Discord is where it’s at!
  • What happened to the CBC logo? Is this still the same company?
    We rebranded recently! Everything else is still the same…:)
  • What will you come up with that truly sets your project apart?
    We have some very interesting game theory ideas for the Baboon Brigade and follow-up projects with mechanics that you haven’t seen anywhere…
  • Where can I see the rarity of my Baboon?
    We’ve partnered up with Rarity Sniper to make this as easy as possible for you. With about half a million Discord members, they’re famous for being the best way to check your NFT’s rarity.

Your Baboon’s rarity will partially be determined by its rank, but this is just just one of the many aspects. We’ve put a lot of effort into creating a wide variety of unique traits and we’re very confident that — no matter the rank — your NFT will feel truly yours! Your rank does increase your chances of winning in the game!

With over 70k long-term followers/supporters spread over various platforms, CBC has built a reputable name by now, and we’re putting in a lot of work and focus to make sure the Baboon Brigade becomes a blue-chip collection.

Baboon Brigade Socials


Final note: Please be careful when maneuvering through this space. Scammers have noticed the #BaboonBrigade and are targeting our members as well. Know that we’ll never approach you in DM first and please never click on links when asked to connect your wallet either. Don’t trust it? Just ask us first!

Our admins are always available for you on our socials!



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